Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Alexa Chung: It

Was anyone else internally screaming with joy when Alexa Chung brought out her book, It? To be completely honest with you I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, but the promise of photos alone was enough to send me straight onto Amazon to purchase it. I say straight to Amazon, I actually went to Waterstones first but they only stocked one copy and it had been sold already. What bookshop only stocks one copy of a book by the most loved model in Britain?


Each page is like a different chapter. I liked that each topic spanned no more than a double page spread, it felt more like a personal journal rather than a book intended for mass public viewing. Alexa covers a wide range of topics that every girl can relate to. From her early experimentation with make-up, her oh-so indie style obsessions from the music and film world (Jane Birkin, Jeremy Irons, George Harrison and co), her basic rules for getting dressed, her festival know-how, to the perils of taking a good #selfie.


Her snippets of writing are interspersed with some incredible personal photos, doodles and quotes. If her writing itself isn’t enough to create some inspiration within you then her photographs certainly will. Festival disposables, photobooth strips and pictures of her style crushes had me melting at every turn of a page; her doodles and quotes made me giggle and feel the need to instagram these pearls of wisdom before anyone else beat me to it.


By the time I’d finished reading It I was ready to cut my hair to shoulder length, dye it brown and invest in many a peter pan collared shirt or dress. Although Alexa leads a far more glamorous life than the rest of us it was reassuring to see that a lot of her thoughts and worries are very much the same as the rest of us. Concerns about VPL, bad decisions about festival-wear and an obsession with the Spice Girls? Alexa, we’re made to be BFF’s.



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Friday, 23 August 2013

A London Weekend #1


For Tom's 21st birthday, I surprised him with a trip to London for the weekend. I'd booked a hotel, got dinner reservations and paid for us to go to the Ice Bar! (Dinner cost me £90 for the two of us. I died.)
Our hotel was a 5 minute walk from Bank tube station. It's a business hotel in the week and then they take reservations from us normal folk at the weekends! It was really nice actually, although our room was at the end of a maze of corridors that I did manage to get lost down once...
We spent the Saturday doing the obligatory shop on Oxford Street and then went for dinner at Casa Malevo and headed to the Ice Bar (stopping at another bar on the way and a pub on the way back. Of course.) Thankfully it was a really warm night, I had been worried about thunderstorms all week but it held out. I really enjoyed wandering around where our hotel was (spotted this amazing golden grasshopper. Only in London!) but I found it bizarre that all the shops were shut. Even shops like French Connection only opened in the weekdays when obviously all the business men and women are in town. What I'd give to work in a shop that only opened weekdays...










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